Tips On How To Make It In Life

Take it, take it!

“If you want to grow trees pray for rain but don’t neglect to water your seeds, chase your dream” – Suli Breaks. This quote simply means that don’t wait around imagining how successful you are going to be in but get up and start working your way up to your dreams.

1. Start By Dreaming

Firstly, you need to know what you are fighting for i.e. what fuels your drive, what motivates you to get up in the morning. In order to so you must dream, visualize and imagine yourself in that million rand manor, that million-dollar coupe and doing so will enable you to remember what you are working for.

2. Look out for Number 1

It is important to understand that you can’t achieve your goals if you are always concerned about what society is going to presume about your aspirations because honestly no understands you better than yourself, so that is why you should always look out for number one and that is you! Do that and always remember that armour shines even in the midst of a battle.

3. Take a course of action

Ok, now that you have visualized everything that you aspire to be its time to put it into action and speak those words and thoughts into existence. Remember if you to truly want something then you have to be willing to go the extra mile to attain it. This is because that action that you want to take must coincide with your passion or belief. It is actually something marvellous to know that you have actually done something instead of just dreaming.  

4. Dont get lost in sauce

Sure you going to have a few bumps here and there but never listen to the masses i.e. society, because honestly no one has the blueprints to life so carve out your own path that is best suited to your destination. People will always have their own perceptions so just do you and you will be fine and keep on going through persistence and perseverance.

5. Prayer

It might seem obvious but yes prayer, just remember in everything you do God should be your guide to your destination so hopefully this prayer will have a positive impact in your life “Loving heavenly Father, I come to you today because I want to seek Your will for my life – rather than following my own direction in life as I know that in my heart I can stray from Your best path. Lord I want to be successful in what I turn my hand to because I want to do everything as unto YOU, and so today I come to lay the desires of my heart before You and to ask that in Your grace You will forward the plans I have for my life, in a way that is best pleasing to You. Lead me Lord in the way of Your choosing – as I lay before You the hopes and dreams of my heart, which I would dearly love to fulfil –but I surrender them all to YOU, praying that you will guide me in the path that is best suited to carry out Your best work in me, I ask this the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen

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